Adhesive labels

Selbtklebeetiketten von Marzek, sie zeichnen sich durch Material- und Formenvielfalt aus.

Fast and economical to apply in the labelling process. Adhesive labels are primarily used in the food, beverage, non-food and chemical industries. There are many different materials and shapes with quality finishing and high value embellishing that can be used with this label format.

A variety of quality finishing and high value embellishing is possible:

Wrap-around labels

Rundum Etiketten von Marzek, besonders wirtschaftlich bei Großauflagen!

This type of label is often used in the beverage sector. It is particularly efficient for industrial quantities!
A wide variety of printing materials is available. The most common materials are paper, plastic films (OPP, BOPP, PE, PP, OPS, PET), composite films and foils.

Stretch - wrap-around labels

Stretch - Rundumetiketten von Marzek verbinden die Vorteile von Rundumetiketten mit Sleevs.

Combine the advantages of wrap-around labels and sleeves.

In-mould, direct thermal

With this process, the label that is applied to the foil is fused with the product so that it will resist wear.