Sending data to us:

Data transfer - Internet HTTP upload to a department at Marzek
Internet Data Portal - optimized data transfer.
You can submit any number of files of unlimited size to your department.
To the data transfer program

HTTP upload to a specific recipient at Marzek:
Please ask your contact person to send you your individual http upload link. With this link you can directly, quickly and easily transfer any data.

Classic media
Feel free to send us your data on one of the following media: CD, DVD, USB-Stick and all popular memory cards.

Data transfer guidelines:

Print data processing Programs:
- Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design
- Esko (PackEdge, ArtPro)
- Corel Draw

Manuscript data editing
- Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point)

Marzek PDF Settings for download
When creating your PDF print data, please use our PDF settings to avoid potential problems in the converting process.
To download the PDF Settings - zip file
If you have further questions, please contact or your contact person.

Important note:

Please note that for all files you also send the used font and all embedded objects. Please address your data transfer with the customer name and the name of your contact person at Marzek Etiketten+Packaging  if you are an agency or a graphic studio!