Finishing process


Elegant design elements for unique solutions, because high-quality packaging conveys high-quality content!

Hot foil embossing, holograms, diffraction foils
The process of hot foil embossing transferres the (most of the time) metallic layer through the preassure and heat to the substrate. Examples of this are packaging for cosmetics and sweets, as well as jewellery boxes. 

Holograms are transferred by the same technology, whereby the label or folded box has a different image from each angle.

Diffraction foils provide a unique prismatic play of colours in all the colours of the rainbow.

Cold foil embossing
Similar materials are used for cold foil embossing. The difference is the method used to apply the materials.

Relief embossing, Braille
The print substrate is given a three-dimensional shape using a relief embossing tool. This creates touchable raised areas that can be used for Braille. This process can also be used to create interesting design elements.

Relief silk-screen printing, Braille
A highly transparent relief coating is printed using silk-screen. Depending on the type of silk-screen, this can provide relatively thick layer.  This process can also be used for Braille or it can serve as an alternative to relief embossing.

Whether you choose UV, Iriondin (pearlescence), double coating or special mixtures for protection, jewellery or to produce other effects, or whether you require full or partial coating - there are endless possibilities!

Protection and effect in one, because this process not only protects the product against external influences such as weather and chemicals, it can also be used as a special effect.

Window label
This allows you instantly to see the contents. A popular design element for the production of folding boxes.

Die cutting
Who says that a label does always have to be rectangular? Whether you would like a rounded shape or one that is shaped with a certain theme in mind - there are many possibilities!

With our presision laser unique special shapes and cutouts can be designed.

Inkjet printers are matrix printers, which release small ink drops to form a printed image. 
This is a cost-effective option for varying information, such as numbering, or for small quantities.


Variable data
is suitable for security labels as well as for promotions and specialities.