A sweet temptation!

Especially with confectionery is a high quality packaging trump! Even this should be a sweet treat. To this end, Marzek Etiketten+Packaging offers a whole range of solutions in an optic that makes you want to bite.

We support our clients in accordance with the special needs of the confectionery industry.


Folding boxes and fine cardboards are not only packaging, but also as visual enjoyment in manifold form.

The packaging and design development checks and optimizes the functionality of folding cartons.

For promotion, we have a number of special effects and specialties.

With a Lasercut special shapes and cutouts can be designed.

Self-adhesive labels in roll production are applied quickly and economically.


Thermal transfer printer for the printing of labels directly in the customer's operation and for the rapid embedding of variable data.

Our range is even bigger:

Design Center develops CD / CI as well as functional, creative labels and cartons.

Virtual 3D prototyping simulates the various effects that arise from our diverse refinement options, with different angles and light.

Wet glue labels in sheetfed production are particularly suitable for economical and visually appealing mass production.

At the same time, wrap-around labels enclose the product and allow the printed image to run around without a trace.

In-mold labels, the applied label is firmly and abrasion-fused with the respective product during the injection molding process.

Flexible packaging such as pouches or sleeves adapts to the required requirements.

Labeling technology and service with hotline offer our customers a complete service for the efficient application and impression of your labels.

A range of finishing options will differentiate your label or folding box from the others.