The best total solution for pharmaceutical products:

  • Label
  • Folded box - packaging
  • Braille
  • Safety features
  • Package inserts
  • Quality control protocols

all from a single source with a uniform design and, as expected, top quality.


In the cosmetics sector, Marzek scores with its high-quality labels and folded boxes with a creative design - this conveys beauty and a sense of well-being to the consumer.


Our design centre develops CD/CI, functional and creative labels and folding boxes.

Packaging and construction development tests and helps optimizing the functionality of your folding box.

Virtual prototyping simulates different effects that are available thanks to the various finishing options from numerable angles and with different lighting effects.

Adhesive labels are quickly and economically applied onto the product in the labelling process.

Folding boxes and fine cardboard not only serve as “just packaging”, they serve a very important role in their optic and multifarious form.

Braille for information accessible to the blind through relief embossing or relief silk-screen printing.

Instruction leaflets can be printed at the same time with us.

Thermal transfer printers for printing labels at your place of business and for embedding variable data.

Wet glue labels for reel-fed production are particularly well-suited for efficient and also premium appealing larger and mass production quantities.

No-Label-Look - a transparent label, which gives the effect of the image being printed directly on the bottle or container.

Wrap-around labels from reel production simultaneously envelop the product and allow the printed image to run around without any edges.

Pouches - the whole packaging surface can be used for promotion.

We offer labelling technology and imprinting as well as full service as a complete service package with a hotline for efficient application and printing of your labels. 

In-mould labels - this special label is amalgamated to the product in the injection moulding process.

Sleeves are put over bottles like a hose and fit any shape.